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Security Cameras & Systems

Security Cameras & Systems

Protect your assets with our security camera systems. We provide IP and Analog based security camera systems for your home and office.

We will install your security and surveillance cameras for an affordable price. We specialize in a variety of camera systems such as digital video recording systems, CCTV systems, hidden cameras, and wireless cameras for both homes and businesses. We can even set you up to monitor your home or business from any computer or cell phone.

With high-quality DVR’s to record weeks’ worth of activity, you will be 100% protected. Watch the cameras from across the world, while you are on vacation. Get email notifications if there is movement in the room during closed business hours. We use a combination of DVR and Camera systems, custom made to your application. Need a simple 2-4 camera setup? Need a custom built NDVR server that can record from multiple locations, while providing advanced encryption and security measures? We can handle it all.

Our work is 100% guaranteed. We specialize in the following security camera systems:

CCTV Systems

Digital Recording Systems

Hidden/Covert Cameras

Wireless or PoE Cameras Motion Detection Cameras

Radio Frequency (RF) Cameras Infrared (IR) Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Multiple Cameras for Every Application

This service requires an initial evaluation for which we will supply you with a verbal/written estimate.